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“Extremely Professional and Attentive”

Dear Patricia and Tom

Been a while and I trust this note finds you both well. 

I just wanted to say thanks for looking after my property since we bought it when it was developed and for assigning us Chong Park to assist us. 

Chong goes above and beyond for us. He is extremely professional and attentive and gives us sound advice on managing the property. This has particularly been the case for the last tenancy change. 


We are lucky to have Chong looking after us and appreciate the service Kho and Lee provide us. 


Best wishes and thank you. 


Kind regards 

Jason and Margie

Reliable, personable and professional !

Reliable, personable and professional !

Sami and the team at Kho and Lee are very hard working and delicated. They are highly accessible with a great manner and attitude. One of the most professional offices I have come across.

Stephen Rogers

Outstanding Agent

Outstanding Agent

Sami has done an excellent job acting as our agent. Unlike the previous agent, we deal with before he was able to negotiate with the existing tenant to allow prospective buyers to inspect it without any problem. He has always kept us updated on any new developments regarding the sale from day one. Although we didn't get the price we wanted due to the slowing property market, we were still happy with the overall result especially with the timeframe involved in selling the unit. Well done Sami.


Thank You For All of Your Help

Thank you for all of your help during our tenancy.


You are definitely the best agent that we have dealt with at Kho & Lee!





116 testimonials found - Page 1 of 29