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Sami is a fantastic agent to deal with

Sami is a fantastic agent to deal with

I am a Buyers Agent and work with most agents out there, I found Sami to be totally thorough, honest and reliable, he went above and beyond for his client, he was fantastic to work with, he went out of his way to show myself and my client through his property out of opening hours, he showed us around the building, roof top swimming pool, gym, carpark, restaurants under the building, he also walked us around the outside of the building and pointed out other sales in the building that were inferior to the one he was selling, this all added to the excitement of my client buying this property - thank you Sami and I hope to work with you again.

Tracey Chandler, Buyers Agent

Feedback After The First Year

Feedback After The First Year

You may or may not receive feedback on the service provided by your company from time to time. If you do, I suspect that people are more likely to raise their concerns than they are to express their gratitude. Today, I would like to take the opportunity to do the latter.

My wife and I currently rent out our furnished apartment in the Goldsbrough building in Pyrmont. Kho & Lee were recommended to us by a friend and, admittedly, therefore had a little advantage when we held our initial interviews to find out which company we would feel comfortable with managing our place on our behalf. Jae Yang visited us initially and did a great job convincing us that we would do the right thing if we went with Kho & Lee. So we did.

Later on, Chong Park took over the management of the property, and I can say that we have been very happy with the way he handled everything. Not only did he manage the property flawlessly, he also went above and beyond of what we could have expected. The latest example that illustrates this occurred when we asked him if he could find some important documents for us in our locked storage room and mail them to us. Chong did not hesitate to pick up this rather unusual request and the documents have safely arrived at our current location today. Other than that, Chong's communication with us was always excellent, he managed repairs and other upcoming issues very well and, up until now, we have always received the rental income on time.

Another positive aspect to mention is that Kho & Lee managed to find new tenants for our apartment very quickly after the first tenants had vacated the property. The period during which the property was vacant was less than one week which, naturally, we appreciated a lot as well.

We have purchased an off-the-plan investment property in Alexandria a while ago which is due to be completed in 2019. Based on the experience with Kho & Lee so far, we would be delighted if you could take over management of that property as well and if Chong could be involved in this personally.

Axel Seeher



I met him first time 8 years ago. As a buyer.


At that time I was a first home buyer and knew absolutely nothing about property market. He answered every single question I had with real professional and friendly manner. And gave me a lot of advise and tips.

Everything was smoothly done without any drama. It was unforgettable experience.


8 years later, As a seller, I could think only one agent, my friend Sami Yldiz.


After buying my first home in ULTIMO, we met many times here and there around my area, Ultimo, Pyrmont, Broadway, Chippendale. He is a really diligent agent. I saw him always study and research his areas. He knows almost all of the buildings and property’s values and conditions in his area. He is always ready. My home, no exception, I was really surprised that he knew my property and my unit complex much more than my building manager.


Every seller’s got a reason and story why they need to sell their home.

We had ours, resettlement interstate.

It was really important decision in our life.


He listened very carefully my situation and gave me enough information and advise to consider. never pushed.

He told me “we can make a good result if we work as ONE TEAM”


He then really worked hard, I knew it. Never doubted

He sold my property in only 4 weeks of time with more than satisfied result even current market situation is not really good and there are so many competitors in the market.


We now can move forward to new life in another state thanks to Sami.


Thank you Very much Sami, you are my friend, lecturer and savior.

I will never forget you in my life.



Seong Min Han

Positive Feedback for Sandy

I just want to pass on my feedback on the excellent service Sandy Shen has been providing to me. Sandy has been responsive to my calls and emails in helping me to clarify some of the accounting queries since the last change of tenant, renovation and repairs that took place over the last couple of months.

I feel good works should be recognised and be given credit for.

Have a great day!

Best regards

Kent Fung

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