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Chong Park of Kho & Lee managed the lease on my apartment for a year while I was overseas. I was extremely pleased with Chong’s and Kho & Lee’s performance during that period. Kho & Lee managed the entire leasing process, from initial advertising, to vetting prospective tenants and final inspections prior to returning the apartment to me in the same condition it was let. They were able to secure a tenant within 3 weeks of their engagement and all fees were deducted from the first month’s rent so there weren’t any upfront costs on my part. They managed all of the bill payments and I was provided a monthly statement detailing income, expenses and invoices which was very convenient for me. I found Chong to be very attentive and responsive, almost always replying to emails within a day (time difference included) and quick to bring any issues to my attention. I felt confident that Chong had my best interests in mind, which was a huge relief given that there was no way for me to inspect and assess the issues myself while overseas. I recommend Kho & Lee (and Chong) to anyone in the same situation and are looking for a competent and customer friendly leasing agent to manage their property.  

- Dilshan

In July 2014 I started using Kho & Lee as the managing agents for my property in the Bullecourt Apartment Complex in Pyrmont Street, Ultimo 2007. In June 2016, Chong Park took over management of the property and I have always found him to be very professional, efficient and friendly. Recently, Chong and the team did a terrific job in a tough leasing market to rent the property for which I was very grateful. Chong is a manager who has been very informative and extremely helpful.  He has always been contactable and is always prompt in answering questions, returning calls and organizing promptly anything that needs to be done such as maintenance requirements, tenants or myself may have. Over the last few weeks particularly, Chong has helped me during my transition moving back into the property by organizing repairs, replacement items such as new locks etc. He also arranged for utility, rate notices to be redirected. When the tenants moved out recently, I was very impressed with the high standard of cleaning.  The apartment was left spotless, especially the carpet which appeared ‘virtually’ brand new. I am writing to thank you Chong, for the excellent work you have done in letting and managing my apartment.  As an owner I have been able to let and forget in the knowledge “you would take care of business” and that my property was in good hands. My sincere thanks to you and the team for the energy and consideration in which you have managed my home for so long. Please also pass on a very big thank you to Sandy Shen for her friendly and professional responses to queries regarding ownership statements etc. Thanks again Chong, I will definitely be referring you to my family and friends

- Sylvia Reeves

You may or may not receive feedback on the service provided by your company from time to time. If you do, I suspect that people are more likely to raise their concerns than they are to express their gratitude. Today, I would like to take the opportunity to do the latter. My wife and I currently rent out our furnished apartment in the Goldsbrough building in Pyrmont. Kho & Lee were recommended to us by a friend and, admittedly, therefore had a little advantage when we held our initial interviews to find out which company we would feel comfortable with managing our place on our behalf. Jae Yang visited us initially and did a great job convincing us that we would do the right thing if we went with Kho & Lee. So we did. Later on, Chong Park took over the management of the property, and I can say that we have been very happy with the way he handled everything. Not only did he manage the property flawlessly, he also went above and beyond of what we could have expected. The latest example that illustrates this occurred when we asked him if he could find some important documents for us in our locked storage room and mail them to us. Chong did not hesitate to pick up this rather unusual request and the documents have safely arrived at our current location today. Other than that, Chong's communication with us was always excellent, he managed repairs and other upcoming issues very well and, up until now, we have always received the rental income on time. Another positive aspect to mention is that Kho & Lee managed to find new tenants for our apartment very quickly after the first tenants had vacated the property. The period during which the property was vacant was less than one week which, naturally, we appreciated a lot as well. We have purchased an off-the-plan investment property in Alexandria a while ago which is due to be completed in 2019. Based on the experience with Kho & Lee so far, we would be delighted if you could take over management of that property as well and if Chong could be involved in this personally.

- Axel Seeher

It is always comforting to know that even as I work overseas, away from my investment property in Sydney, I can rely on Mr Chong Park to alert me to any issues.  His service and professionalism give such great peace of mind, and ensure both the tenant and I are both happy. Thanks Chong.  -  Matt Wilson.  


147 testimonials found - Page 35 of 37

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