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Chong Park letting agents service

Hello Chong,

 Just wanted to send a quick email regarding your letting service you provided over the last 18 months.

 Chong, you have been extremely helpful with all matters relating to C16/42 Saunders Street in the 18 months we were there. You were extremely helpful in any issue we had with the property and provided a quick turn around with plumbing issues etc.

 Additionally, you were quick to respond to all of our queries and provided a fantastic service with the relationship between us and the building manager.

 Hopefully one day our paths will cross again.

 Thanks again for your superb help.

 Wishing you all the best.


 Christian Robinson

Commendation for Tahsin

Commendation for Tahsin

Dear Patricia & Tom,


We wish to make a high commendation of Tahsin.  He has been our Property Manager over the past year and has faced a few challenges with us.  We had some teething problems during our move-in regarding the security cards.  We could feel that Tahsin was a very good diplomat balancing our frustrations as the renter and the interests of the owner.  He negotiated an outcome that made us happy!  Later, when we battled with technical issues in the apartment Tahsin took his own personal time to come to our apartment (with a ladder in hand!) to help us.  Recently Tahsin has brokered an agreement with the apartment owner when we needed to change our move-out date.  On many engagements Tahsin has always responded on the same day that we have asked for assistance/advice.  Also, recently, Tahsin has responded to my emails late on a Friday night.  I think he could sense that I was stressed, so I am very appreciative that he took his own time out-of-hours to respond to me, reducing my blood pressure!  


We wish to give a high commendation of Tahsin as the best Property Manager we have ever had the pleasure to deal with. 


Kind regards,


A big THANK YOU to Linh !!!

A big THANK YOU to Linh !!!

Kho and Lee has been managing my property in Pyrmont since September 2015. I’d like to share my experience here.

  • Rent Review happens on a regular basis.
  • Inspection has been done very thoroughly.
  • Prompt respond with repairs. I always get more than one quotations from the agent to ensure low prices possible.
  • Good communication with owners, tenants and the strata manager.

Linh Toal is the current manager. There was a leaking problem in the shower last year and she managed to get it fixed by the Strata. As we all know, it has never been easy to deal with Strata and it took a while back and forth with discussions. Linh had won this job for me.

A big THANK YOU, Linh!


Best Agent !!

"My previous agent wasted 2 months of my precious time. Not to be able to rent out a renovated unit with brand new wooden floor in the middle of the city would sound ridiculous to anyone. I am so grateful my friend recommended Chong. In 10 days he rented out my place. He is very proactive, I was update to date with all the openings, enquiries, applications. I did not think he is an employee, he works as if it is his own business. He is very professional and responsive. I would recommend him to any landlord 100%. Absolute pleasure to work with him!!!" Evgenia Kainz, CPA. 

139 testimonials found - Page 1 of 35