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Beginning her career as a lawyer specialising in commerce, Patricia practiced Taxation Law for three years, before entering the world of real estate. Equipped with strong analytical and negotiation skills from her years in Law, Patricia is known as one of Pyrmont strongest negotiators when it comes to getting a sale across the line. Couple this with her passion for the property sector, and it is little wonder that Patricia has been so successful in consistently career. completing sales above vendor expectations over the past 12 years. “I have a fierce dedication and belief in delivering the most professional real estate service with the highest level of integrity in the marketplace,” says Patricia. Diligent, astute, and committed from execution to settlement, Patricia takes the time to understand client needs, before making recommendations, and tailoring the best solutions to achieve optimum results. “I will drive strategic marketing campaigns in line with your goals and needs in order to achieve premium results in any market. I will work to help you move on profitably with minimum stress.”Easily accessible and approachable, Patricia has developed strong relations with clients, past and present, testified by the amount of referral and repeat business, which highlights a truly successful career.

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When Address Suburb Features Price
Wednesday, 29th June
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM 15/14-18 Kareela Road Cremorne Point
  • 2
  • 1
  • 1
$1,700,000 - $1,870,000
Saturday, 2nd July
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM 15/14-18 Kareela Road Cremorne Point
  • 2
  • 1
  • 1
$1,700,000 - $1,870,000
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM 609/70 Mountain Street Ultimo
  • 1
  • 1
$645,000 to $695,000
02:00 PM - 02:30 PM E1101/3 Carlton Street Chippendale
  • 2
  • 2
  • 1
$990,000 - $1,080,000
0 properties found
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0 properties found
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" Excellent agent! "

Sami is a highly experienced, professional and knowledgable agent and it shows right from the start of the sale process. He came up with lots of suggestions to help us achieve the best results in an unprecedented market. Sami is always approachable for any questions and kept us in the loop with updates regularly. Sami definitely made the sale process smooth and stress-free, and a fantastic outcome achieved in the end!   Lucia S

" Good job, Tahsin! "

  Good Afternoon Patricia and Tom,   I just want to express my appreciation for all the help and guidance in regards to my property.   I want to thank Kho and Lee for the excellent property management service. I would also like to thank Tahsin Cidem for his professionalism, despite facing all the challenges and difficulties associated with my properties during this COVID-19 period. I appreciate his clear instructions and his reassurance concerning this matter.   Thank you once again for all your help and support.  Sincerely Gershwin Luhur

" Effective and Efficiency ! "

Hi Chong,   Just wanted to thank you for all the support in getting the dishwasher installed. I know there was a fair bit of hassle involved and thanks for sorting it out.   Really appreciate all your support and prompt responses whenever we have reached out to you for any assistance.   Have a great day.   Thanks


" Amazing Property Manager "

Linh Toal is an amazing property manager. I have leased a property from her for almost 4 years and she has always treated me with respect and consideration. Whenever there was an issue, I could always count on her to resolve it taking both the owners and my best interests at heart. Since I was living there by myself with a full time job, she also considered my time and availability as much as her own when something needed to be done. She would always do the right thing and she makes sure everyone else in the office follows her standards.If I ever need another property in Sydney, to lease or buy, she will definitely be the first person I call.

" Fabulous Agent! "

Kho & Lee has been managing my Pyrmont apartment for 10 years and they have done a fabulous job these years. Swift response, knowledgeable, diligence are some of the traits I observed from Tom and his team, in particularly Linh Toal. Thank you for the excellent work and I would strongly recommend them to property investors and owners.

" Professional Property Manager "

Jae is an absolute legend and hands down the best property manager I've come across. The entire team is very professional and always willing to help.

" First Class Service! "

I saw Sami's glowing profile online and decided to work with him for the sale of my property. He is professional, flexible and has a great communication skill even in between my busy schedule. He has an extensive knowledge and combined with my expectation, we have a great result. I am very happy.

" "An Agency that truly looks after the owners" "

Manager Chong has always been professional and always looks out for our best interest.  We live overseas and Chong always makes us feel like we are in Australia.  Before the major works at our building Chong will take his weekend and attend important meetings on our behalf. Thank you for always looking out for us and taking such good care of our propertyAn Agency that truly looks after the owners.

" Fabulous Management Team ! "

Kho & Lee has been managing my Pyrmont apartment for 10 years and they have done a fabulous job these years. Swift response, knowledgeable, diligence are some of the traits I observed from Tom and his team, in particularly Linh Toal. Thank you for the excellent work and I would strongly recommend them to property investors and owners.

" 6 Star Agent ! "

I'm feel so lucky to have Sami my agent. I also learned from the way he talks he works. It very convince to clients and very respect client. He is a kind person, smart, truthful and very experiences. He worked so hard so well with 5 inspections in 1 week then i got excellent result sold out my property in 1 week. I really want to vote for him and for Kho and Lee agent with 6 stars. If someone have a chance to work with him wont ever never get disappointed. I'm honestly saying that.

Lyna Nguyen

" Top Agent ! "

Sami is very reliable with his excellent knowledge of the market.The communication is extremely good from beginning through to the end.I would definitely recommend them to any serious vendor.

" Responsible and Professional Agent!!! "

Thank you Damon for helping us leasing our property in such a short period of time, it was great to have you be our agency. You always answered your phone and returned calls with value, you were always available to discuss any questions. We liked the feedback and reports from you after the inspections and thank you for making sure all the potential tenants were followed up. we would highly recommend you to any of our friends.Responsible, Professional and Easy to work with.

" "Really Appreciate Your Efforts" "

Thanks Linh, great pics, it looks immaculate. Helen and I really appreciate your efforts on this renewal. It makes a big difference having such a good agent. Unfortunately, this isn't our experience in all markets we are invested in so we really appreciate your proactive attitude.    Regards,    - Keith

" “Extremely Professional and Attentive” "

Dear Patricia and Tom Been a while and I trust this note finds you both well.  I just wanted to say thanks for looking after my property since we bought it when it was developed and for assigning us Chong Park to assist us.  Chong goes above and beyond for us. He is extremely professional and attentive and gives us sound advice on managing the property. This has particularly been the case for the last tenancy change.    We are lucky to have Chong looking after us and appreciate the service Kho and Lee provide us.    Best wishes and thank you.    Kind regards 

Jason and Margie

" Positive Feedback for Sandy "

I just want to pass on my feedback on the excellent service Sandy Shen has been providing to me. Sandy has been responsive to my calls and emails in helping me to clarify some of the accounting queries since the last change of tenant, renovation and repairs that took place over the last couple of months. I feel good works should be recognised and be given credit for. Have a great day! Best regards

Kent Fung

" Very reliable agent "

Sammy’s persistence, attention to details and excellent communication is highly commendable. In spite the problem we face when selling my unit, he consistently show positive views. He is very knowledgeable of market condition. I highly recommend Sammy to sell your property.

Marciano Arranz

" Agency of The Year! Ultimo 2018 "

Congratulations to all departments for this huge and successful win. 

Rate My Agent

" Great Job from Raymond Wong "

Raymond Wong did a great job of selling my commercial office in a difficult market. Kho and Lee seem to run a very professional operation.


" Very polite person "

Both my husband find Sami professional, optimistic and positive as well very reinsuring. His knowledge of the market surely contributed strongly to the sale of the property. Every phone call was returned immediately, every question answered with honesty. ~ Eva 

" Extremely proactive agent! "

Raymond at Kho and Lee is extremely proactive and has excellent communication habits, keeping us informed of the progress of our sale every step of the way. We were always kept in the loop.   He managed to sell our property at record price in our building without even listing the property.   He goes over and above to ensure both the buyer and seller are happy and satisfied with the outcome   Would not hesitate to recommend Ray for any other real estate transactions. 

Ehsan Amiri

" Excellent Agent! "

Raymond at Kho and Lee is extremely proactive and has excellent communication habits, keeping us informed of the progress of our sale every step of the way. We were always kept in the loop.  He managed to sell our property at record price in our building without even listing the property.  He goes over and above to ensure both the buyer and seller are happy and satisfied with the outcome  Would not hesitate to recommend Ray for any other real estate transactions.

Ehsan Amiri

" Best Agent !! "

Sami made our buying process seamless and was always prompt in responding to our inquiries. He was fair in his dealings with us as a buyer with no pressure sales techniques being used. We would certainly recommend his service and use his agency again.

Soon Pierson

" Great Team Work! "

Thank you all for your  great team work. Special thanks to Linh who has proven to be one of the best property managers I ve met.  She is professional, responsible and efficient and has leased out our apartment at first open inspection with a good market rate. As a landlord with investment properties in Melbourne and Sydney ,  I am happy  to recommend Linh to any other potential clients. - Bill

" Dedicated agent! "

Sami Yildiz is very dedicated in his endeavor to get the best result for his clients. Sami is exceptionally professional in his role and he continually kept myself up to date with anything involved in the process. He is an asset to his agency. - Lorraine Lilly

" World class agent-Sami Yildiz "

Sami from Kho & Lee is a world class agent. Professional from the word go and right through the entire process. Attentive with keeping you informed and updated and a great result. Highly recommended!

J Gold

" Friendly, professional and very effective agent! "

Sami is a friendly, professional and very effective agent, always diligent, energetic and responsive, and we were really happy with his service during the recent sale of our property. We have known Sami for many years through viewing other properties and also through our association with Kho & Lee Property Group, who have managed multiple properties for us over many years, and our interactions with Sami have been consistently positive. Definitely recommended!

Brad Peak

" Professional & Reliable Sami!!!! "

Sami is very professional and reliable. He promptly answers/returns phone calls and emails. Great communication skills and works tirelessly to achieve the best result. I highly recommend Sami and team to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Sydney area. 


" Professional management - Chong Park! "

I would like to thank you for being so helpful, courteous and professional throughout the leasing process. It was great to be able to take our time and work out how we could utilise the properties for our adult literacy project. It is all going very well. Tess Shannon

" "Very Helpful, Hard working, Always returns your calls, reliable, and willing to help!". "

Extremely happy with Sami. He helped me through out my buying process. I am an investor. He will save you time and he tries his best to accommodate you and provides you with full set of information so you can as an investor decide to purchase by providing you great deals and options to choose from. Thanks Sami!! Best Wishes.. 

Dr. Naveed

" Can't recommend Sami Yildiz more highly! "

Not only did Sami get a great result on the sale of my apartment in Ultimo, he made things so much less stressful by taking care of the whole process from start to finish. Can't recommend Sami Yildiz more highly!  

Matt Ting

" Excellent Agent!!!! "

Sami communication is clear and very informative throughout my property purchasing process. He is credible in terms of buying procedure/rule and follow up for every query I have raised. He is also very professional and I am pleased with his services.  

Mr. Chan

" Exceed Expectations "

Hi Sami, you have exceeded my expectations on the handling of the sale of my property. Your marketing technique was spot on and it was exciting to see how you were able to get firm offers within the first week of the offering! I also appreciate the clear manner by which you guided me through the process of the sale. Many thanks for your assistance and I will gladly endorse your services to others who will be looking to buy or to sell their property in Sydney.

Nelia Molato

" Superb Job "

Hi Linh, my wife and I would like to thank-you for the superb job you have done as our property manager for our unit in Pyrmont. At all times you have been very professional and understanding of the situations we have been put in and/or caused and especially in the last 6 weeks which ended in a result that was very fortunate for us. You have worked very hard to achieve this and I would have no hesitation in recommending “Kho and Lee” and yourself for any future property management and sales. I hope to again use your services in the future as we may look to buy another investment property in the area. Again many thanks for your efforts and professionalism.

Neal Kelly and Yin Wang

" Professionalism & Courtesy & Efficiency "

Hi Tom, after I purchased my investment unit in Ultimo last year I commenced searching for a property manager. As a current investor and having experienced average to good service from my past property managers I was wanting someone exceptional. I spoke to the property manager of the selling property and found the quality of their keenness, interest and over all gut feeling , very average. I then went on the internet and looked at numerous websites and found your company. I read your mission statement which captured my attention. It was this statement and my initial conversation with Linh Toal that made me choose your company to provide my property management services. To date thus far I can only congratulate you and your team on your professionalism, courtesy, efficiency and attention to detail in all aspects of maintaining the property. In all my dealings with Rena and Linh I can only feel totally reassured that my property is in Great hands ! I continually look forward to experiencing the exemplary customer service that your company provides. Best Regards,    

Andrew Lui

" Professional Abilities "

Dear Sami, we really enjoyed our association with you on this purchase and it has been a long association. You were exceptional in the way you kept me informed of what was available that we might be interested in and understood what we were looking for as well. This meant you were able to move so quickly to getting us to see the unit we are so happy to be buying now. We could not be more satisfied and wish you every success for the future. I think I will miss seeing you each Saturday now that we are no longer looking for something to buy. Your never failing good humour, combined with your professional abilities made the experience so much less stressful. I hope we stay in touch, every best wish


" Happy Landlord! "

I write this email to express our (my wife and I) appreciation of the excellent work you did for us in leasing out our apartment at The Quarry, Pyrmont. We came to you and your team on the strong recommendation of a friend, and found that she was right in every aspect. We were surprised by the time and care you and Linh took in explaining the whole process to us, with all the associated costs laid out clearly in the event the unit was rented out. Your professionalism was obvious from the start when we first met you and we are indeed very pleased that you managed to get us a tenant in record time, just before I had to leave for Jakarta. We like the fact that both you and Linh are very friendly and informal and the fact that you were all a great help in explaining what we could expect given the current market conditions. Property Management, is very much like the both of you in terms of friendliness and very nice to discuss with. I believe Kho and Lee has a friendly DNA running in both the owners and the staff employed  Bottom line is, thanks for helping us to rent out our unit in a very timely manner and the professionalism, courtesy and excellent service shown to us. We have already recommended a neighbor to you and will certainly continue to do the same if any of our friends have units or homes to lease out or to sell/buy. Feel free to show this message to any of your potential clients and we will be more than happy to confirm your excellent services should there be a need to.

Cheng and Lau

" Extremely Professional "

Sami,We were so impressed with the extremely professional approach of Patricia when we purchased our appartment the decision to engage Kho Lee to sell it was automatic. We have been equally impressed with your enthusiastic and extremely professional approach,well done.We compliment your continous updates on the progress of the sale and your sales strategy ,which achieved the targeted price in such a short time period,which is all a seller could ask for. Regards,

Graham Meredith

" Great Dedication "

Sami, I’d just like to say a big thank you for helping me to purchase my first property. You showed great dedication to your work, made sure that I was constantly kept up to date with what was going on and did everything you could to help me secure the property. I will have no hesitations in recommending you and the team at Kho & Lee property to anyone looking to purchase an apartment in and around the Pyrmont and Ultimo area. Thanks again.


" Above and Beyond "

I can say that you Sami have made this difficult job of selling a property an absolute pleasure. You went out of your way to meet with me the day after your first child was born and your wife still in hospital. You advised me, “This is your JOB”…..You take this very seriously and are a true professional. You had a buyer for my unit in one week of me listing it with you. You have been honest throughout this whole process and have kept me in the loop every step of the sale. My husband and brother wouldn’t use anyone else and would be more then happy to refer you to our friends and family. I have no doubt you would treat them with the same respect you have treated us. If all Real Estate Agents were half as professional as you, you would have a lot more competition. All the best to you and your family in the future Sami. Its been a delight working with you


" Consummate Professional "

Sami, We just want to say a big “Thank you” to yourself for really managing the sale of our property in every aspect. We were really impressed on how involved you were the whole way through & really appreciate the constant feedback that we have received from you about any progress on the sale of our property. Sami, you are the consummate professional. Keep up the great work & hope that we can do more business in the future.


" Without Hesitation "

Sami, What would I like to say is that you professionalism is beyond belief, it was pleasure to deal with you, we never felt pressured and intimidated. I would recommend you services without hesitation to anyone and I hope I will be seeking you services again in the future

Frank and Maria.

" Happy Vendor ! "

Dear Sami, I was very happy with your work in marketing and selling my property, you clearly outlined the steps involved at the beginning, kept me updated on a regular basis during the negotiations, and helped to secure the buyer quickly. It was also a pleasure to deal with you as you have been very responsive and helpful to my queries. I was also impressed that you sent me a complete list detailing buyer feedback following the inspections. You have clearly explained to me the alternatives to accepting the offer of Michael G, being the interest from the other couple or going to market for other buyers. Although a seller would always want a higher price especially in this market, I think under the circumstances you made an appropriate recommendation given that Michael was willing to see out the lease. All in all I would be happy to recommend you to prospective sellers.


" Memorable Journey "

Thanks for following up with us on the post purchase. Victor and me, we thank you very much for your assistance in helping us own this lovely place. It’s been a memorable journey for us, and we were impressed with your delicacy and persistency though out the process. We would like to thank you once more for helping us make our dream come true. And hopefully we will have a chance to work together in the further.


" Taken Seriously "

[We] were very pleased by the personal and professional service we received. We were taken seriously as people. We didn’t hear any of the usual jargon and fast talk that is sometimes heard with real estate “agents”. We were never discouraged from trying to achieve that price. We were given sound advice and shown what was achievable. The team kept us up to date with everything. We were very happy with the result. We would definitely consider using the team again in the future, for sales, rentals or purchases, should the need arise; we will recommend you to others.


" Pleasure to do business "

I bought a property in Pyrmont that Sami was acting as agent for.Sami has a very friendly manner and he is a pleasure to do business with. I am extremely pleased with the way Sami conducted negotiations between myself and the owner. Sami also showed great persistence throughout the negotiations and brought the sale to a successful conclusion. I would be very happy to recommend Sami to others and to do business with Sami again in the future.


" Excellent Property management "

As a first home owner of a property, the thought of putting my apartment on the rental market was an overwhelming experience, until I met Gerard Kho, Tom Lee and their team of hard-working, knowledgeable and approachable professionals with integrity at Kho and Lee Property group. The team, in particularly Tom has made being a landlord the easiest job in the world. From organizing professional photography to help list the property, attracting and screening tenants with the credentials, providing advice on the current rental market in the locality, to assist in setting a competitive rental return, the month-to-month management of the property and transiting between tenants. The entire process has always been very efficient, smooth, professional and clearly communicated. Tom has ensured top management of my property throughout the past 2.5 years (and still counting!), and when there was a case where we had to deal with a difficult tenant, Tom was always on the other end of the telephone to let me know what was going on, providing timely advice, direction and assurance. Tom’s hard work, quick problem solving, transparent communication and finely tuned people-skills, persistence and professionalism resulted to a situation that could have gone sour to a win-win for all parties involved. I should have been worried, however Tom took the ‘worry’ out of my hands, in fact never did I feel there was a worry at hand, as I felt everything was always under control under Tom’s management. I have never doubted that my most valuable asset is in good hands with Tom and his team at Kho & Lee. I have no hesitation to highly recommend Tom Lee and his team at Kho & Lee to manage their most valuable asset.


" Above and Beyond "

Sami, Thank you for your persistence, I am sure the time you took out of hours to secure an understanding of the property and actively pursue strong leads, was far and above what one would normally expect and you are to be congratulated for that. The service and feed back is the best I have experienced and would not hesitate in recommending you and your company to any of my friends.


" Second Agent Success "

This is a testimonial to certify Mr. Sami Yildiz of Kho & Lee is an experienced and enthusiastic sales person, who had done wonderful job for me during the sale of my terrace house located at 25 Ada Place, Ultimo.I actually had tried to sell it through another agency but failed after a prolonged period. After switched to Mr. Sami Yildiz, all processes just become smooth and efficient.


" Return Business "

“Sami gave great assistance in helping me find and purchase my first property. I was very impressed with the service he provided, as he has been very efficient through the whole buying process. When I buy my second property, it will be Sami that I call first.”


" Professional and Convient Communication "

Renting my property with Kho & Lee was very easy. From the first phone call Kho & Lee and the team were happy to answer all my questions and make the process smooth. Kho & Lee and the rest of the team were professional and courteous did their utmost to ensure I was happy. My unit is now rented for the top estimate, to very suitable tenants and I get detailed information monthly about the unit. Kho & Lee is never more than an email away. I am very please to recommend the Kho & Lee team.


" Buyer Service "

Tamara, we are pleased with your service in the process of purchasing this property. The information in the booklet “Purchasing a Property” is helpful and the emails about the update of the purchase give us a clear understanding of the latest situation. Moreover, we appreciate that you volunteer to pick up the sales contract from our conveyancer so that the exchange is done within the same day. Overall, this purchase has been done in four days without delay or hiccup. We will recommend you to our friends if they are interested in buying property in your area in the future.

Chow & Soon T. Lau

" Superb satisfaction "

Sami, It’s not easy to find the right words to describe my satisfaction with your superb service/support I experienced in every moment of this purchase! But surely, I would not hesitate to recommend you or ask for your help if I need to sale/purchase properties in the future. Thank you for you a great job


" Overseas Challenge "

I am very happy with the service received from Sami Yildiz and would certainly recommend him to all. Being overseas throughout the entire sales process I was most impressed with the continued correspondence. Sami ensured a smooth sales process and even in the current market achieved the desired selling price. Thank you Sami


" Enjoyable experience "

We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience of buying property for the first time via Kho and Lee property group, Pyrmont. We were especially impressed by the agent Sami Yildiz who has truly shown a high quality service in dealing with customer. Sami has been very helpful and informative and always react promptly whenever there’s questions or outstanding actions. He’s very approachable which overall makes the buying process enjoyable and easy for us. Sami is definitely a real asset for Kho and Lee property group and we would look for him for our next property.


" First Homer Buyer "

As a first home buyer, it has been mentioned to me on more than one occasion to look out for real estate agents and the way they operate which I once had such a personal experience with in the past. However, my experience with Sami Yildiz from Kho & Lee Property Group proved that such negative statements and hearsay could not be further from the truth and my faith was quickly restored! Sami was courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and punctual, always kept the communication lines open (phone, e-mail, face-to-face meetings) and assisted me by guiding me down the right track to exchanging on my first property purchase in Pyrmont. I am still reminded of the positive vibe and calming effect Sami gave me when there were stressful decisions and really short deadlines to meet. This allowed me to manage my relationship with Sami (and Kho & Lee), my mortgage broker and solicitor, whilst ensuring the vendor was always up-to-date as to how the process had come forth. I look forward to an ongoing partnership with Sami Yildiz and Kho & Lee Property Group beyond the settlement of my first property and soon we will be neighbours too. Thanks for your guidance and assistance when I needed you most. I will have no hesitation to put your name forward as a recommendation to family and friends should they be “in the market.” Keep up the good work!


" Reassured Interstate Landlord "

I have had the team manage my property for some years now. Living in another state it’s certainly reassuring that I have found such a professional in Linh Toal. With market up dates, regular inspections, good communication with both my tenant and myself this may be some of the reasons I have enjoyed a long term tenant and reviewed current market rates. Thank you Linh and keep up the good work.


" Interstate Landlord "

As you know we have recently sold our apartment in the Quadrant which has been managed by Kho & Lee. Before it settles I wish to formally pass on to you our heartfelt thanks for the outstanding job Kho & Lee has done as our property manager. We quickly came to appreciate Kho & Lee’s talents as a property manager. His attention to detail, his thorough knowledge and experience of the industry and his wonderful interpersonal skills did not disappoint. Kho & Lee excelled and rapidly established himself, in our experience, as a highly efficient, well-organised and very switched-on property manager. He has very high industry standards and is also extremely intuitive about actual and potential tenants. He has provided us with highly professional and dedicated property management services. We are more than happy with the standard of care our property has received from Kho & Lee. Being interstate investors we have been very fortunate to have someone of Kho & Lee’s professional caliber to act on our behalf. We have been able to put our trust in Kho & Lee even though we’ve never met him! He has provided us with a real sense of security about how our property asset is being managed. When our property was vacated his judgement of potential tenants turned out to be spot on. He takes the initiative and contacts us about a range of matters he feels we should be informed about, and he always has practical solutions to the issues he presents. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him. We are extremely impressed with the quality of customer service Kho & Lee has offered us. Over the years we have dealt with many property managers around the country. Kho & Lee stands out from the rest as a property manager with superior intelligence, ability, knowledge and integrity. He is a credit to the company and we would have no hesitation in recommending him to other interstate and local property investors.

Saunders and Kelly

" Peace of Mind from London "

Linh, congratulations on the award! You thoroughly deserve it. You have given me confidence and peace of mind whilst being away looking after my 2 properties. Compared to my previous property management agent, I have noticed such a difference in attitude, promptness in replies/action, honesty and professionalism that you provide. Keep up the good work.


" Regular Communication "

He facilitated the sale in an exemplary manner, keeping us informed of all activity and offering us keen and enthusiastic advice along the way. His attention to detail and willingness to organise inspections in what turned out to be difficult circumstances, resulted in a quick sale.


" Unbiased "

In regards to my experience with Patricia and the whole team, I have had a positive buying experience. As you know, it was my first purchase, and I had little idea of sales processes and the way things are done. You and your team were very patient at all times explaining everything to me as we went. Real Estate is a tough job. As an agent, you act as a mediator between the seller and the buyer, attempting to remain as neutral as possible, whilst getting the best possible deal for both parties. You have shown me that it doesn’t matter whether a property is worth 100k or 500k, if you are a buyer then you are a buyer, and therefore deserve as much time and consideration as any other buyer. To me that is important. In the future if I ever decide to sell the unit, I would have no hesitation to list the property on the market through your team.


" Informative and Patient "

Patricia has been a great help in my quest to locate the perfect residential unit in Sydney. Since I don’t really have a clue in regards to property hunting, it is seriously a privilege to have both Patricia and Gerard. They have been very informative and patient while showing us around a couple of different locations from Pyrmont to the City Centre. When I finally decided on the unit at Century Tower, I was more than a satisfied Customer. “Thank You.”


" Perseverance and Determination "

Selling in the current market has not been an easy task, but Gerard & Patricia Kho did just that. Their skills, perseverance and determination to sell our property was the driving force behind a successful sale. Throughout the time, whilst having our property on the market, we were kept informed on a regular basis regarding the sale. Their persisting style, combined with market knowledge and a friendly approach, was much appreciated. We would recommend Gerard and Patricia to anyone who requires an excellent and realistic real estate service.


" Shopping For Agents "

We HIGHLY recommend shopping around for an agent, but once they have found you, they need look no further!!! You have been persistent and patient with all leads, and followed up continually as promised. You have also communicated with us continually which means we always understand our position. We think you can also be proud to say that you remain unbiased to the buyer or the seller throughout the process which makes you extremely professional.  


" Good Pudding "

They were friendly, not at all arrogant, obviously knowledgeable, and clever in the tactics they mentioned. When we wanted to talk to them, they were always easy to contact, and quick to reply to any of our enquiries. Our house was put on the market for sale only two days after signing up, and six days later, it was sold. The proof is in the pudding, and in this case it was a very good pudding indeed.


" Adapting to Market Challenges "

I wanted to write and thank you and your team for all your tremendous work in selling my property. Even in the light of the current market, the apartment was sold even before it was listed for sale on the market. A feat that impresses all my friends when I mention this. When your photographer came to take pictures of my apartment, his first comment was “Patricia has no problems selling places.” Your assistance from the start impressed on me your professionalism and knowledge of the market. Your strategies in selling property are ingenious. You constantly kept me informed and offered a well-rounded one-stop service. Further, the level of service did not decline during the process. You and your team ensured all matters were completely attended to and resolved. Selling one’s home can be a harrowing experience. Having the right real estate team working for your side makes the difference. Even after office hours, you sought to allay my fears and concerns.


" Negotiation Process "

It was refreshing to be able to go through the negotiation process with a real estate agent who did not seem to be infected with the underhandedness evident in so many of her peers. If she remains an agent with integrity, I am sure she will become a force to be reckoned within the industry. Thanks Patricia!


" Focusing on Customer Needs "

I hereby have the honour and pleasure of acknowledging Patricia Kho, who recently successfully sold my property in Broadway Sydney, for a tidy profit which significantly bucked the current market trend, in the following way. Patricia Kho has single-handedly changed my entire pre-conception about real estate agents, particularly in Sydney, but partially world-wide: that basically, they were a bunch of parasitical buffoons, who new precious little, where of very little assistance, and merely took a fat cheque at the end of the process! Patricia and her colleagues, have been, from the get go, highly effective and particularly patient with a potentially very complicated and demanding customer like myself. Patricia, particularly is as sharp and intelligent as anyone you might meet in any area of work and is, in my experience, more diligent and professional than most people you might meet in most industries. It has been a genuine pleasure to learn from her on her approaches to marketing, negotiation and customer relations and I could not recommend her and her company more highly.


" Professionalism, promptness, attentiveness and great listening skills "

Dear Tom, My husband and I would like to sincerely thank you for managing our property for all those years, which Sami recently sold for us. During this time we can only compliment you and your competent staff at your professionalism, promptness, attentiveness and listening skills that you possess and instill in the entire Kho & Lee Property Group team. We can truly say that this was definitely the most stress free investment we have had, not having to worry about anything as you took care of it all. We would like to especially thank you Tom, Linh Toal, Robert Lee and of course Sami Yildiz for your extra attention and reaching very close to our prize. Your “can do” attitude is infectious amongst your staff and that is the reason why you are very successful. Gianni and I wish you all, the best and will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Best regards,

Luisa Credentino


Thank you so much for the speedy processing and helping us through to approval. You wouldn’t believe (or maybe you would), how unresponsive other agents can be! I am very relieved, and impressed by your professionalism. Have a great day  Best Regards


" Professionalism, dedication and ongoing hard work! "

Dear Patricia and Tom, As you are aware through your agency we have recently sold our apartment in Stonecutters. Also through your agency we have rented an apartment in evolve* and now through a purchase of a property in evolve* we will be placing 3C with Kho & Lee as a rental property. All this activity with Kho & Lee is primarily due to Robert Lee. Robert has done a fantastic job of representing your agency at every level prior to and during the sale process. His patience and professionalism delivered a fantastic outcome for us with the the sale of 9D at Stonecutters. Sandra and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Robert for his efforts above and beyond to deliver the sale. We would also like to place on record our appreciation to Linh and the property team on their professionalism. We would have no hesitation in recommending Kho & Lee to any prospective client. Regards and thanks again    

Sandra and Mark Spurway

" Efficient, realiable and professional "

Hi Linh Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing. I’m really grateful to have a very efficient, reliable and professional agent looking after our property. Thanks for taking the initiative of doing the inspection. Please keep me posted and will discuss the rent that we wanted before leasing our property. Regards


" Patient and professional team! "

Hi Sami, We must thank you for being patient with us regarding the sale of my sister’s property. You and your team had been very professional about the marketing of the unit, the auction that didn’t materialized and the re-launching of the sale again this year. Me and my sisters were very happy with the service that you provided for us. Great effort and result! All the best for you and the whole team in Kho and Lee Property Group. Kind Regards,


" Process Smooth "

Dear Sami, we like to thank you for making the buying process so smoothly. You have been a great help to us. Your friendly manner and professionalism on this matter have certainly makes this deal an enjoyable one. We are happy to recommend our friends and family to you and also looking forward to deal with you again for our second property (and hopefully many to come). Really appreciate all the efforts and help. Warmest Regards,


" Impressive work! "

Dear Sami, I am very impressed with your service. You appeared to work very hard with my property and achieved a sale without making me come down too much with my expectations, as I realize it is a slow market. (The other salesman wanted me to come down to $475!!!) That was when I decided to change agents as he had it for 8 months and never even presented me with an offer! Thanks for being positive and cheerful throughout the proceedings! I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.


" One happy landlord! "

Tom, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell her how good Linh Toal is at her job, however I welcome feedback in my role about other employees. I just wanted to let you know, she has impressed me with her professional handling of our property. She is very efficient and effective in her role. I met her yesterday for the first time and meeting her in the flesh, only reinforced what I already knew. I trust you don’t mind me passing on this feedback. RegardsKen

Ken & Margaret Hill

" Extremely impressed landord! "

Hello Tom I just wanted to mention to you that we are extremely impressed with Shue as our property manager on our apartment at 85/344 Bulwara Rd Ultimo. Following our tenant’s decision to buy Shue informed us to put the apartment on the market for $590 per week. Having been at a weekly rent of $540, I wasn’t sure, but was happy to be guided by her. She hit the market on the money and we have a tenant ready to move in 2 days after it will be vacated at the $590 rate. Great thanks and also excellent communication throughout. Kind regards

Evonne & Craig Norenbergs

" Nice & Smooth! "

Hi Sami Just an email to personally thank you for your co-operation and help on my property purchase.It was a smooth transaction and hope to deal with you in the future. Regards


" Nice & Smooth "

Dear Sami Yes, settlement took place today. Without your professional help I wouldn’t have done this so smoothly. Please accept my big thank you. In fact this acquisition makes me think to possibly buy another unit in Pyrmont/ Ultimo. I will keep an eye on your listings mate, may need your help soon. Thanks and Best Regards,

Chris Lai

" Right move indeed! "

Dear Sami, I couldn’t ask for more, bud. Very rare I make the right move and your one of them. I will not hesitate to tell my friends about you and I look forward to doing business with you again. I know this is just the first time it won’t be the last. Cheers,


" Another happy landlord! "

I apologize that I have not been able to express my gratitude for the services you have provided to me on the sale of my property in The Quadrant as well as for managing my rental property. Thank you very much for your hard work and for attending to everything that needed to be done in regards to my old property. I am impressed by your professionalism and for your prompt actions. Keep up the good work. I will certainly use your services again in the future. I am still interested in investing into a property in Australia but it will not be until the next couple of years. So please keep me in your mailing list for new investment properties. Thank you. Regards,

Julita Orozco

" Going the extra mile! "

Hi Rena & Tom, Thank you and to the team for pursuing this last week while we are waiting for the outcome of the sales activity in parallel. We really appreciate the pro-active work that you are doing. I know other agents would not necessarily go the extra mile and put such a full effort that you are doing. As clients we feel very well looked after and you clearly have our best interest in mind. As we have now found a buyer we can wind down the rental campaign. We will continue to recommend friends to Kho and Lee for sales and rental management. Thanks again,

Martin & Lee-Po

" Great communication between vendor & purchaser and a great result! "

Hi Tom & Patricia, I want to highly commend Robert. I think Robert has a great cool demeanor  and able to quickly build trust from both buyers & seller. He is very knowledgeable and appears very objective in his considerations. We appreciate the way he managed the entire sales process, from the initial strategy planning to communicating his sales calendar and keeping us well informed every step of the way. We are comfortable with his recommendations and his approach in negotiations. We particularly appreciate that he works hard to go the extra mile when we know other agents would have been happy to stop. We believe his tenacity makes a significant difference between a good result and a great one. Congratulations to Robert and your team. Would love to catch up from time to time. Cheers,

Martin & Lee-Po

" Another great result by Sami Yildiz "

Hi Sami, Thank you for achieving such a great result on the sale of our property in Pyrmont.We really appreciate all the efforts you put in for us and I’m sure we will contact you again in the future. Thank you again Warm Regards,

Anthony Nguang

" Great team working together! "

Sami, Your company is very efficient. Information given about the property in terms of maintenance issues, inspections done on time, payments received on time. Overall, to me – low maintenance. That’s what it’s all about. Thanks,


" Professional staff striving to make clients happy! "

Mr. Lee, Firstly and foremost, greetings to you and your staff there at Kho Lee Property Group. Secondly, please accept my apologies for the tardiness of this correspondence but I have been engaged in our return and resettlement here to Australia and should have produced  this letter of appreciation better in a more timely manner. Finally, I want to congratulate you on the professional and expeditious actions of your excellent staff which we were pleased to re-engage with during our recent apartment search here on the first week in December. Amazingly your team posted a  new listing here at Jackson’s Landing on a Wednesday, we were able to view the apartment on the next day…Thursday, submitted our application the same afternoon, were accepted Thursday evening, and moved in on Friday morning!!!  Is that a new worlds record?   We are so very impressed and indebted to your team (copied on this email) that I thought it was important to congratulate you personally via this email on maintaining such a fine group of staff and colleagues there at Kho Lee Property Group. We were first engaged with Kho Lee in 2007 through 2010 when Ms. Toal was our property manager on a lease we signed and lived in for three years that we knew we had to return through your doors to help us with a temporary property now that we have returned.  We were surely not disappointed.   Bill, Shue, and Rene were constantly looking after our well being and worked diligently to find us a suitable flat to lease. We are now concentrating our search for a property  to purchase here in Jackson’s Landing and have targeted 6 months to action this endeavour.  We would love to work with Kho Lee on the purchase and then eventually on leasing out that property as we will be hoping to purchase a string of rental units as investments. We have such confidence in your staff, it give us confidence too in this very dynamic market here in Sydney. We shall keep our eyes on your listings and should you have anything specific in JL in the form of a 2×2 that would soon be entering the market, we would be most interested in viewing the property to consider it for purchase. Mostly…..this is as I mention above, a thank you,  to you and your staff. I take great pleasure in recommending Kho Lee to all of my friends and work colleagues. In closing, I also recommend to you All there at Kho Lee… have a fine Holiday Season and know that your fine professionalism and efforts neither go unnoticed nor unappreciated.  We are big fans of Kho Lee. Cheers, and Happy Holidays!

Mike Van Buskirk and Annelies DeWolf.

" Skilled property manager highly recommended! "

Linh Toal of Kho and Lee Estate Agents, has managed out unit in Pyrmont since April 2011.During this time we have been impressed by her professionalism, combined with charm, tact and good humor and her excellent knowledge of the many aspects of the rental property market.In recent months our unit has had problems that needed attention. Linh has managed these with skill and good grace well beyond what would be expected of an agent.  We are so happy with all she has done to get our unit quickly into rental state with new tenants happily in residence.We highly recommended Linh as a Property Manager

John and Margret Broadbent

" Made selling like a breeze! "

Hi Sami, Thank you again for all of your hard work selling my property. I am resoundingly happy with your performance, you have made selling a breeze. You took all the stress out of it and achieved a price well beyond our wildest expectations. For that I thank you personally. You are an amazing agent and I would recommend you to family and friends in an instant. Kindest Regards


" Another Happy Client! "

Sami, Thanks for your message.  The sale was rather smooth, thanks very much for the hard work and good communication through out the process.  I have no hesitation in providing my recommendation to any potential buyers / sellers. Regards,


" Making Sales quick & easy! "

Dear Sami, Thank you so much for making our apartment sale quick and easy. Your honesty and professionalism is the best in the industry! We are really glad to have you as our agent and would definitely coming back to you for any future buying/selling. And lastly, many thanks to Kho and Lee team for making the journey a smooth sailing one! Warmest regards,

Allen + Fei

" Professional & Honest Team! "

I wanted to thank Kho and Lee for managing my investment property and most recently the sale of the property, in particular Rena and Sami. I would like to share my experience as the landlord and the vendor. As the landlord Rena and her team were fantastic at ensuring my unit was tennanted at all times with little to no disruption to rental income being generated. Any queries were always responded to within the same business day, this gives the landlord great assurance that their property is being managed by professionals. When the time came to sell the property, I was contaced by Sami. From the inital outset Sami made me feel at ease with the sale process. He was upfront and honest with all the information provided not giving me any false hope on what my property was worth. Sami suggested a few enhancements to the property prior to sale, which I am certain has assisted in achieving the final sale price. Sami was always contactable on the phone or via email, he kept me up to date with all the details related to the property and interested parties. I have no hesitation in reccommending Kho and Lee in particular Sami if you wish to sell or have your property managed by a professional and honest team


" Great communication skills ! "

Dear Sami Just a note of appreciation for your excellent approach to tenant relationship management. Being told that the flat I had moved into less than 2 months earlier was to be put up for sale and that this would involve a month of weekend viewings was not the most welcome of news.   However your high level of diplomacy, excellent communications, clarity of setting out the details of what was involved and your reliability meant that it all went well. You dealt with the needs of the owner, prospective buyers and tenant, regarding inspections, in a very professional manner, acting with integrity and good humour and so I am glad that the auction had a good outcome. I wish all the best for you and your family in the future


" Committed to getting the work done ! "

Hi Sami, Thank you very much for all your attention, expertise  and hard work in marketing and  selling my unit at 558 Jones St , Ultimo, in February.   I did appreciate being kept in touch with messages, emails and phone calls to keep me up to date with  what was happening , particularly as I lived so far from the city.  I also appreciated that you were always upbeat,  easy to get along with and a good listener. The tenant also told me she found you very helpful and easy to communicate with which was great. I hope you will have continued success, especially with the market the way it is. Kind regards,

Helen Naughtin

" Excellent Service "

Hi guys, As a separate note I want to say thank you for your help with my property. I’ve rarely encountered a more responsive property group when it comes to issues and the excellent service is consistent regardless of who I’ve dealt with.  I’ve been very impressed and will be recommending your services to anyone who needs them. Thanks again!


" Wonderful & Trustworthy Agents at Kho & Lee "

Sami is a wonderful agent who is very trustworthy. He is honest and straight down the line and extremely hard working for both the buyer and vendor. It’s unfortunate that Sami cannot move down south to help us find and sell us our next home. Our experience with other agents has made us appreciate how easy and credible it was to work with Sami.


" Great Communicator / Professional / Stress-free / Happy Vendor !!! "

I have always been impressed with the results Sami has been able to achieve in regards to property sales in Pyrmont so it was an easy decision to have him manage the sale of my unit. As expected Sami was highly professional in managing all aspects of the sale which made it a stress-free transaction. I was most impressed by his communication skills, not-once did I have to chase Sami up during the entire sales campaign. I am very happy with the result Sami was able to achieve. No doubt I would use Sami again and would highly recommend him.


" A very positive buying experience with Sami Yildiz "

As a busy real estate agent, Sami surprised me by adapting my silent communication styles and spent lots of time in reading and replying my non-stopping lengthy text messages patiently in last more than one week. He quietly reached a point while both vendor and us made some compromise then quickly nailed the sale. As a co-purchaser, I witnessed his experiences and his tactics, and his calm and friendly customer service are also professional. I will surly recommend him and Kho and Lee to my local and international co-works and friends who are interested in buy or renting in this area.


" Sami is an excellent honest agent "

We have now both brought and sold our unit at Pyrmont with Sami. Both as a buyer and a seller we have found Sami to act extremely honestly and fairly to all parties. He has an amazing knowledge of real estate in the inner city – not only the bricks and mortar but the buyers and sellers. He remembers people and can often quote the people involved in local sales from 10 years ago. He has an excellent reputation around this area. To Sami thanks, mate, for helping us find a lovely affordable place live for 6 years and also helping us realize a great price on a hassle free sale.


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