Where did 2016 go? The countdown is on for us all to start planning family gatherings and gifts for friends and loved ones.  Many of you will be super organised and have your holiday season already planned out or you may be like the majority who have not had the time to think or plan for anything as yet.  If you are feeling overwhelmed about Christmas gift shopping, here are some tips:

  • Write a list of the people you would like to buy for and put a price limit next to each name. If it adds up to too much, review the limits you set.
  • Consider a ‘Secret Santa’ arrangement where each member in your group agrees to draw a name out of a hat and only buys a present for that person. Don’t forget to set a price limit so that no one goes overboard.
  • Forgo gifts altogether and do something special as a group instead, such as a dinner or picnic get-together.
  • Buy presents just for the kids, not the adults.
  • Take the thinking out of the process and buy gift cards.
  • If there are any friends and family you won’t see until the New Year, hold off on buying presents until the January sales.
  • Shop with a list – otherwise you might end up blowing your budget out of sheer desperation or going home with nothing.
  • Start a Christmas fund at the beginning of the year. Even if you put just $20 a week aside, by Christmas you should have about $1000.
  • Set up a Christmas gift cupboard.  If you see a gift throughout the year (look for bargains) then buy and store it.

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